Mario Turković


Mario has 20 years of experience in the public and private sector, primarily in the field of public-private partnerships and concessions. He was in charge of the operational establishment of the legal and institutional framework for public private partnership (PPP) and concession in the Republic of Croatia and was the author of the first PPP Act as well as all other relevant regulations (bylaws, guides, manuals). During his work at the PPP Agency, he was responsible for evaluating and approving a number of PPP projects, including the Zagreb Airport project, which is still the largest PPP project contracted and successfully implemented in Croatia.


In EnergoVizija, Mario’s focus lies on legal and financial consultancy services in RES and infrastructure related projects (social infrastructure, transport, energy) in application of different models of financing (public-private partnership, concessions, construction right, energy efficiency contracts etc.).


Mario has also been engaged as an international adviser by World Bank/IFC and OECD /Sigma in different PPP/concession related projects in the SEE region.



Faculty of Law at The University of Zagreb



International adviser to World Bank/IFC

and OECD /Sigma